Data and Reporting

CMU uses several institutional assessments to gauge student learning across the campus as a whole. Academic and Co-curricular programs report assessment findings each year. Academic findings included in the WEAVE summary report. Additional programmatic reports and surveys are also written and/or collected. The following are a selection of institutional measures currently in use:

National (Beginning/Faculty) Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE, BSSE, FSSE)

NSSE provides participating institutions a variety of reports that compare their students' responses with those of students at self-selected groups of comparison institutions. Comparisons are available for ten Engagement Indicators, six High-Impact Practices, and all individual survey questions.

NSSE, FSSE and BCSSE Detailed Reporting

WEAVEOnline Education Assessment Reporting

WEAVE provides a storehouse for course, programmatic, and institutional assessment data. The system uses the hierarchy of Outcomes --> Measure --> Target --> Findings to provide a systematic approach to data collection and entry. CMU has utilized WEAVE for assessment reporting since 2008.

WEAVE Academic Detailed Assessment Reports

Other Institutional Resources and Reports

Additional NSSE Reports

Co-Curricular Assessment and Reporting

Dual Credit Assessment and Reporting